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The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley, specialises in service, maintenance and installation for all residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration needs across South Australia. We can provide you with the best air conditioning solutions to suit your requirements. Heating & cooling is no longer a luxury but a requirement in our homes as our summers get hotter. The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley can provide you with the best advice possible. As our electricity and gas prices go up The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley can supply and fit the most energy efficient systems on the market today.

The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley are one of South Australia's premier suppliers and installers of all types of air-conditioning, including Reverse Cycle and Evaporative systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. No matter the type of air-conditioner, or the application, we can design and install a system to exactly suit your requirements and budget, which will provide you with many years of trouble-free service and comfortable living.

We can supply and install in both new and existing houses. From single-room split systems to evaporative cooling and the popular refrigerated ducted cooling, The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley can provide advice on the best option to keep you comfortable season after season.

For customers looking to build new homes from scratch, our engineers at The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley can look over plans to determine the best choice for you, or recommend changes to ensure the best integration of your preferred option. To review the full range of options, check out our individual information pages on our official website.

For decades now, ducted evaporative cooling systems have proven to be an ideal solution to our hot Australian summers. Low initial cost coupled with extremely low energy usage results in the most easily affordable total home cooling solution. The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley we realise that over the past few years, split ducted reverse cycle airconditioning systems have emerged as Australia's most popular air conditioning and heating solution for total home comfort. Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate in climate control for the Australian home. Just a simple touch of a button on the electronic controller can select cooling in summer or heating in winter, and even air circulation or humidity control when required.


Your air conditioning system may be one of the most valuable purchases you make for your home. It's not only important to get the right heating and cooling system to suit your needs, but it is just as important to service and maintain your air conditioning system regularly. The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley can undertake maintenance and repairs on all evaporative coolers, split systems, reverse cycle units, ducted refrigerated units and ducted heating. Both commercial and domestic heating and cooling units can be repaired and maintained.

At The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley we have qualified tradesmen with years of service experience. Our quick, reliable and professional service team are well respected within the airconditioning industry across South Australia.

Our qualified and experienced tradesmen at The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley work on all brands and models of airconditioners. This includes units that have broken down and also routine maintenance on systems to ensure they are operating at optimum performance all year round. Our Service Department is able to provide a fast response service for breakdown of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

  • Prompt repairs to all makes and models
  • Modifications to existing systems
  • Replacement of old equipment when beyond repair
  • General Plumbing Maintenance
  • Supply and installation of new airconditioning units: Split Systems, Ducted and Evaporative
  • Preventative maintenance programs

All of the above services are carried out by a qualified, professional installers and don't forget our 100% Labour Guarantee The Airconditioning Guy Repairs Netley can be contacted on 08 8331 8164 to discuss your airconditioning issues and give you an idea of what you need to do and how much it would cost.


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A split system is an air conditioner split into two sections. An indoor fan coil unit and an outdoor condensing unit are connected together by refrigerant pipes and cables.



Ducted reverse cycle systems comprise of a central unit installed in the roof which is powered by a compressor located outside the home.



A ducted system consists of an indoor unit most commonly located with the ceiling space or under the floor which distributes heating or cooling to various rooms in the building.

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